Sarah Flint – Silk Scarf

A few months ago, Sarah Flint approached me in search of a botanical pattern that would become one of their first limited edition hand-rolled silk scarves. Sarah had been inspired by traditional English print patterns and interior design, and her mood-board was littered with William Morris’s swirling florals and dreamy jewelled earth tones. I was smitten.

Creating the Design

Sarah’s moodboard was an incredibly rich starting point. The concept for the twisting border design came from a photograph of the cornicing in an old estate home. Pansies were chosen to tie in with a print pattern Sarah had already commissioned for a pair of shoes that were soon to launch. I picked tulips as the main floral, as they’re a symbolic flower with a long English history. They’re also an unusual combination of large and delicately patterned.

This pattern went through six or seven iterations before I was ready to transfer it onto watercolour paper. I used Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper for this project as it handles sharp details beautifully and washes beautifully. It’s also perfect for commercial projects as it scans cleanly.

The scarf is now live over on Sarah Flint’s website!

The final scarf is available in two sizes – a 45cm Blossoming Scarf and a larger 90cm Blossoming Scarf.

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